A perfect symbol of resistance in New York: Local hidden gems

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Local hidden gem: The Hess Triangle in New York City, New York

Hess Triangle location.Hess Triangle location.

Hess Triangle location.

Nestled in New York City’s Greenwich Village, the Hess Triangle is a hidden gem with a narrative as compelling as it’s defiant. Amid the bustling streets, this small triangular plot of land at Christopher Street and seventh Avenue South carries a legacy not recognized to most passersby.

In the early twentieth century, as the town expanded its subway system, David Hess staunchly resisted promoting his property, regardless of eminent area threats. Left with solely a tiny remnant of his land, Hess planted a concrete slab in 1922, defiantly inscribed with “Property of the Hess Estate, which has never been dedicated for public purposes.”

Hess TriangleHess Triangle

Hess Triangle

Today, the Hess Triangle stands as a symbol of particular person resistance towards bureaucratic may. Visitors may miss it, however locals who hunt down this unassuming monument mirror on its message of defiance amid city growth. It serves as a beacon of hope for these difficult the established order, embodying the enduring spirit of New York City.

In a metropolis recognized for towering landmarks, the Hess Triangle presents a unique magnificence — one rooted in historical past and resilience. Small however vital, it beckons vacationers to find the hidden tales previous the glitz. In the town that by no means sleeps, the Hess Triangle stands as a testomony to the facility of the human spirit.

Where: 110 seventh Ave S, New York, NY 10014

More data: In the West Village, a remnant of NYC’s onetime smallest plot of land remains,” A. Plitt (2017).

This article initially appeared on USA TODAY: Looking for things to do in New York City? Visit this local hidden gem

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