A New Game Market, Oasys Navi NFT, Now Available

CRYPT — Oasys and GameFi have entered into an exclusive agreement, and the two companies will jointly provide their Oasys Navi NFT game marketplace. This is the most recent venture that the two organizations have brought to light. The initiative will be tasked with coordinating high-level gaming-focused NFT launches. In this regard, the Oasys games in its arsenal, such as 9Live Arena, Crypto Spells, My Crypto Heroes and others, will be of great help.

These games will make a significant contribution. GameFi, meanwhile, will support INO and IDO initiatives already active on the Oasys blockchain, in addition to other brand new NFT projects. GameFi is basically a Web3 platform, while Oasys is a well-known and recognized Japanese gaming blockchain.

For those unfamiliar with either term, GameFi is for you. Yas, who is in charge of Ecosystem Alliance at Oasys, said the company is excited to move forward with this relationship and make a difference in the global web3 gaming market as well as create an environment that is all-inclusive when it comes to the whole gaming community.

They want to demonstrate their dedication to the project by releasing the Oasys Navi NFT Marketplace together, which they did collaboratively. The two companies, GameFi and Oasys, are going to be involved in delivering a beta version of an NFT marketplace as part of their next action plan. This will be a step towards achieving their goals.

The development of a game dashboard as well as the introduction of the mainnet is underway. INOs will be distributed collectively by both organizations, and in the not-too-distant future additional features, such as competitions, will also be part of the board. There will be other future features implemented at the appropriate time in the future. To sum up, the main objective of the partnership is to facilitate innovation in the field of blockchain gaming. This is the primary objective of the collaboration.

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