69-year-old South Carolina woman killed after alligator attack near golf course lagoon

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, South Carolina — Authorities say a South Carolina woman who was walking her dog near a golf course on Tuesday was killed when she was bitten by an alligator. The attack took place on Tuesday and resulted in the death of the woman. According to a press release issued by the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office, a woman found dead in the hamlet of Spanish Wells on Hilton Head Island was 69 years old. At this time, the woman’s name has not been released.

The woman’s body was found near the shore of a lagoon located next to a golf course. The sheriff’s office reported that it appeared an alligator was guarding the victim and preventing rescuers from reaching him in time. This prevented the victim from receiving timely medical attention. The video above is an excerpt from an earlier story that details how an alligator attacked a fisherman. You can find the original article here.

The victim was determined to have died from his injuries and the alligator was successfully removed from the scene. An autopsy is pending. Sheriff’s Office officials reported that this was the second fatal alligator attack to occur in Beaufort County in the past calendar year. A woman who resided in Sun City and was 88 when she was bitten by an alligator in a lagoon not too far from where she lived in August 2022 is referred to as “The Old Lady”.

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