5 dead in the explosion of a rocket and explosives factory in Turkey

An official said an explosion Saturday at a rocket and explosives manufacturing plant in Turkey caused a building to collapse, killing all five workers inside. The incident took place around 8:45 a.m. at the premises of the state-controlled Mechanical and Chemical Industry Company located on the outskirts of the capital Ankara, Governor Vasip Sahin told reporters.

According to Sahin, the explosion was most likely caused by a chemical reaction that occurred during the manufacture of the dynamite. According to what he said, prosecutors have opened a formal investigation into the case. According to a report by a private television station, NTV, gray smoke could be seen rising from the compound as emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire engines rushed towards the area. According to the report, the intensity of the blast shattered the windows of commercial establishments and residences in nearby neighborhoods. According to the broadcaster, family members rushed to the property in hopes of receiving information about their loved ones.

One of Victoria Harbor’s two huge ducks chickens out:

After just one day of exposure in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, one of two huge inflatable ducks collapsed on Saturday. Residents and visitors braved the heat and gathered on the seafront outside the Admiralty government buildings to take photos with the ducks, which were created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman. However, many afternoon visitors only saw one whole duck and the other was a pile of melted yellow plastic.

One of the ducks, organizers said, was overworked due to high temperatures and increased air pressure. To avoid any damage, they said on social media, “it was decided that the air should be released immediately by loosening the seams.” The canard, they added, would be returned to the shipyard for maintenance. The two 18-meter-tall yellow ducks look like children’s bath toys. In 2013, the public presentation of one of Hofman’s ducks caused a sensation in the metropolis. During his exposure, however, this duck also got deflated. The reappearance of Hofman’s pop-art symbols, he noted, may bring some happiness to the town. In other words, “Double duck, double chance,” he said.

Snow Wong, a Hong Kong office worker, said it was “even more interesting” to see the deflated duck. We have to wonder if the concept of double happiness is even achievable in Hong Kong. The 35-year-old suggested the duck might hold the key to finding the solution. Macau resident Annita Lei traveled to Hong Kong specifically to watch the ducks, but was ultimately dissatisfied. “(Having) two ducks is a rare and wonderful thing. The day after tomorrow is my last day in Hong Kong, so I sincerely hope they can sort it out,” Lei added. Since 2007, Hofman has been traveling the world with his rubber duckies.

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