5 chilling particulars about Cathy Krauseneck’s homicide


Quite a really very long time once more, in February 1982, Cathy Krauseneck was found lifeless in her upstate New York residence with a hatchet implanted in her skull. The 29-year-old mother-of-one was tracked down in mattress at a horrendous crime location, whereas her little woman Sara was protected in a singular room. The episode was named as “one of the most horrendously terrible results of abusive behavior at home.”

The case stayed perplexing for a extraordinarily very very long time until 2019 when James Krauseneck was captured regarding the homicide. Further analysis demonstrated that he was low-cost present inside the house when she was gone after, getting in opposition to his earlier circumstances of being working. James was tracked down liable last September.


On Friday, January 20, NBC’s Dateline will ship an all-new two-hour episode, named The Awful Man, returning to the quite a few years outdated “Splendid Hatchet Murder” event of Cathy Krauseneck. The episode will debut at 9 pm ET.

Cathy Krauseneck homicide case: Five fast realities to be acquainted with the quite a few years outdated case named the Brighton Hatchet Murder1) Cathy Krauseneck was current in mattress actually carrying her nightclothes On February 19, 1982, Cathy Krauseneck was tracked down lifeless in her room on the Brighton residence she and her baby companion, James Krauseneck, lived in. She was killed with a solitary hatchet hit to the head and the prevalence was first accepted to be the outcomes of a tousled theft.

Considering that Cathy was current in her nightclothes at the moment, specialists presumed that she was gone after in her rest and that the wrongdoing occurred promptly in the direction of the beginning of the day. Sara, plenty of’s three-and-a-half-year-old woman, was with out anyone else at residence.

2) The crime location was found by James Krauseneck, who then, at the moment, appeared for help from neighbors

Cathy Krauseneck’s larger half, James, crammed in as a financial expert at Eastman Kodak Co. in lately. He professed to have gotten once more instantly sooner than 5 o’clock at night and observed the carport entryway and one different connecting entryway open. James furthermore referenced monitoring down glass on the bottom. He then, at the moment, found Cathy lifeless, with a hatchet implanted in her skull, better up of their room whereas she was nonetheless in mattress.

Their woman was protected and in a single different room, and when he thought-about as her, James purportedly surged over to a neighbor’s residence to request help. The neighbor answered to the police that he had “a look of dread all over.”

3) James assured that he left for work sooner than the prevalence nonetheless later examination went in opposition to his assertion

James Krauseneck at first owned as a lot as specialists that he went out for work at roughly 6.30 am on the day his essential completely different was killed. The medical inspector’s underlying discovering that Cathy had died between 6.55 am and eight.55 am made the timing shift the fault away from James at first.

(*5*), a later examination in 2015, when the case re-opened subsequent to staying chilly for pretty a really very long time, uncovered that Cathy was killed in some unspecified time sooner or later between 9 o’clock the earlier night and three or 4 the following morning, which implied that she was killed sooner than James left for work.

In addition, Cathy’s inside heat stage confirmed that she was killed whereas her essential completely different was presently at residence. Dr. Michael Baden, a prestigious scientific pathologist, presumed that she died sooner than what the first medical inspector’s investigation uncovered demonstrated. The significantly processed meals in her stomach and physique solidness supported up the hypothesis. Furthermore, physique solidness solely a short lived time after an individual has died.

4) The couple have been purportedly having a hard time of their marriage Specialists in the long run discovered that James certainly not accomplished his doctorate however had the selection to hold down a job at Eastman Kodak. Besides, he already even confirmed financial factors at Lynchburg School. The two positions requested that individual diploma. Specialists thought the stress between the two relied on his false diploma. Cops likewise tracked down a leaflet on marriage remedy throughout the family’s car.

5) The companion was found blameworthy in Cathy Krauseneck’s 1982 homicide During his September 2022 preliminary, James Krauseneck was thought-about as at precise fault for second-degree homicide by a jury after examiners claimed that he killed his essential completely different utilizing a hatchet from their carport, organized the crime location, and left for work that morning, abandoning their three-and-a-half-year-old little woman alone within the house. He then, at the moment, acquired once more and claimed to hint down the homicide scene.

After the conviction of the 70-year-old, he was given a greatest sentence of 25 years to life in jail for the quite a few years outdated homicide of Cathy Krauseneck.

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