2 teenagers, aged 16 and 19, were shot and killed in Braintree, police say

BRAINTREE, Mass. – Officers who arrived at the scene discovered two injured victims as well as a third person in the vehicle, who was not injured in any way. The bodies of two teenagers were discovered shot dead in a parked car in Braintree, Massachusetts, early Sunday morning, authorities said. The boys were from Massachusetts. Around 1:30 a.m., many people who called 911 said they heard multiple gunshots on Alfred Road, according to the Braintree Police Department.

Both victims were taken to a nearby hospital, where several attempts to save their lives were made by police officers, Braintree firefighters and Brewster Ambulance paramedics; nevertheless, both victims eventually died from their injuries. The deaths were named Jahzier Porter, who was 16 and lived in the Alfred Road section of Braintree, and Jayden Santos-Andrade, who was 19 and was set to turn 20 the following month. Both victims were residents of the Dorchester area of ​​Dorchester.

According to officials, Porter was a student at Braintree High School. According to Mayor Charles Kokoros, he has been in conversation with the head of the school district to discuss the possibility of making certain resources available to members of the student body. To date, no one has been arrested in connection with this incident. According to Norfolk District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey, “We have two families who are grieving today.” “We have detectives on the ground from Braintree and State Police trying to gather evidence of what happened and who may have been involved,” the inquest spokesperson said. “We are investigating the possibility that more than one person is involved.”

Braintree Police say they responded to the residence on Alfred Road where the vehicle was parked in the past, and they believe numerous people may have been involved in the fatal shootings. Authorities say Porter was living in the Alfred Road house. Call the Norfolk County State Police Detective Unit at 781-830-4990 or Braintree Police Detective Division at 781-794-8620 if you have any information regarding the shooting or the footage that you think might be important to the investigation. You will be strongly encouraged to do so.

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