19-year-old Ohio teen Mackenzie Shirrill is found responsible for murdering a boy and another passenger by crashing her car into a warehouse at 100 miles per hour.

Ohio teen Mackenzie Sherrill sobbed as she was found responsible of murdering her boyfriend and his pal by driving them into a development website at 100 miles per hour in a so-called “death mission.”

Cheryl, now 19, miraculously survived the 2022 crash that killed her boyfriend Dominic Russo, 20, and his 19-year-old boyfriend Davion Flanagan.

All three had smoked marijuana earlier than McKenzie, then 17, was found behind the wheel.

Police and prosecutors argued that she intentionally led all of them to the sting of the warehouse in an try and kill herself, and the 2 boys’ relationship with Russo was so tumultuous.

Mackenzie Shirrill was yesterday convicted of homicide and sentenced to life in jail with her first likelihood of parole 15 years in the past.

Shiryl sobbed as she was sentenced. She claimed the crash was an accident

Sherrill’s boyfriend Dominic Russo (left) was killed alongside along with his pal Davion Flanagan (proper)

It was all that was left of the car after the deadly crash. Mackenzie was pulled from the car unconscious and not respiration however miraculously recovered

Choir yesterday referred to as it “literal hell on wheels”, rejecting her claims the crash was an accident and condemning what she referred to as a “mission of death”.

Surveillance footage of the crash reveals her driving calmly and throughout the velocity restrict, then rushing as much as 100 mph as she approaches the warehouse development.

All three have been unconscious and by no means respiration after they have been removed from the car. The two youngest males died, however Shiril made a full restoration.

Shirilla’s conviction carries a life sentence, eligible for parole after 15 years.

She was subsequently charged with homicide, which she denies.

During the trial, her attorneys tried to argue that she had been driving the car wrongly and that it was an accident.

To rebut their argument, prosecutors used surveillance footage exhibiting her driving in full management earlier than the crash.

When she was found responsible yesterday, Mackenzie sobbed on the protection desk. However, the chosen one confirmed that she has no mercy.

“She had a mission and she executed it to the letter.

The resolution was demise,” mentioned Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Nancy Margaret Russo.

Police mentioned she was on a “death mission” and turned “literal hell on wheels” when she accelerated.

This was the wall Mackenzie drove into at 100 mph

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