14 smart storage options that could save a household up to £730 a year

As the pressure on family funds continues to decrease with the price of a housing disaster, every penny spent must be used.

And this additionally means that your groceries are final as long as they can be carried out after purchase.

Tessa Clarke is the co-founder of the meal-sharing app oilserves individuals to deliver leftover meals to local residents without spending a dime.

She’s shared some smart strategies for reducing the amount of meals that end up in the trash, so it’s a no-brainer.

So, listed below are Ms. Clarke’s 14 simple ways to properly market meals in your home…

It is vital that we take great care of our meals and avoid waste, as well as lower prices as the price of the housing disaster hits many households (File Image)

A survey by Discarded Spirits found that 56 per cent of Brits are responsible for throwing away fruit left to rot in fridges and bowls, with bananas most likely to be thrown away.

A British household throws away £730 worth of meals each year that they could have eaten.

While we throw away a total of 4.4 million potatoes, 2.7 million carrots and 1.2 million tomatoes every day, feedback Savings expert.

But while we do our best to use up leftovers with our zero-waste recipes, it’s usually hard to know which meals will turn dangerous first.

So here’s how UK households can market their meals right to reduce prices and meal waste.


They should be stored in a bowl on your counter as an alternative in the fridge.

This is because they tend to get a little “chewy” in the fridge.

In addition, a shocking solution to how to preserve tomatoes for longer has gone viral on TikTook.


These fruits are effective in the fruit bowl, bruised apples must be disposed of quickly as they release additional ethylene.

And that speeds up the ripening process and makes them spoil faster.


Citrus fruits should not be left out on the counter high, they will only last a couple of weeks (File Image)

If you sell citrus fruits at retail, they will only last a couple of weeks, especially in hot weather.

So those who sell them in a sealed plastic bag or container in the fridge will last 4 times longer.

A TikTook video from has gone viral with over 20,000 views after she revealed simple methods to avoid food waste by keeping her citrus fruit fresh for over a month.


They additionally release ethylene, which accelerates their ripening.

To reduce it gradually, you can cover the top part with a beeswax cover or aluminum foil. And it offers them several extra days.


To prevent avocados from browning or spoiling quickly, place a slice of onion in a plastic container with the open fruit (File Image)

They’re a brunch favorite, but they go brown or dangerous so quickly.

To avoid this, place a slice of onion in a plastic container with an open avocado.

You can also rub the open side of the avocado with lemon juice.

After you’ve made the guacamole, simply spray it with a layer of lukewarm water to prevent air contact and keep it fresh longer.


To ensure that your bread or baguette has an extended shelf life, it is better to buy whole loaves of bread as an alternative to sliced ​​bread.

If you buy loaves this way, wrap them in cotton luggage or plastic and sell them in an airtight container on the counter.

And based on the consultants, you saved the bread WRONG in the summer.

A cake

According to a connoisseur, the cake doesn’t fit outside, but in the fridge with a slice of bread on it (File image)

We all love cake, but we usually don’t finish it all.

To keep it moist, it is best to trade it with a slice of bread. This is because the bread dries out and your chocolate chip cookie stays properly underneath.


If you don’t plan to drink it all, you can freeze the remains of a bottle of wine in a suitable container and use it when making a risotto or making a stew or sauce.

But for those who plan to drink the rest, it is better to pour the remains directly into a sealed container, rather than putting the cork back into the bottle.


Berries get dangerous so fast all the time, and sometimes after craving a bowl of strawberries, half of them have turned to mush.

To retail them properly, just give them a quick rinse with water and vinegar that’s one-half vinegar to 10 parts water.

Then dry it and give it to the retailer in a container or Tupperware box in the fridge.

And the meals TikToker recently shared with Simple Kitchen about simple methods to keep strawberries fresher longer — and you only want two elements, too.


Ms Clark advises households to stop keeping dairy products in the fridge door, saying they should be put back in the fridge (file image)

You must not retail your milk on the refrigerator door.

Rather than ensuring optimal shelf life, it is best to store all dairy products again in an area with the coldest temperatures.

And contrary to popular belief, milk and cream can be frozen, but make sure the bottles are three-quarters full so you can top it up.


Keep them like flowers – facing up in a jar of water and on the work floor.

But for those who find that it takes up a lot of space in your kitchen, you can trade them in a plastic container with wet material or a paper towel in the refrigerator.

And if you want to keep them as modern as possible, slice them finely and freeze them in an ice cube tray in water or oil. After that, it can be simply unfolded and used for cooking.


Just wrap it in aluminum foil and keep it in the fridge.

It will keep it nice and crispy.


When stored in a sealed glass jar in a cool, dark place, the honey will be preserved indefinitely.

If it crystallizes, just soak the jar in hot water and it will re-liquefy.

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